CH RBR Tipi "Tipi"

Tipi fits the classic description of an ASD to "T". At 29 inches tall and 120 pounds, this rugged, powerful bitch is a livestock guardian without equal. She is reliable with sheep, goats, and alpacas while giving our horses plenty of room to manuver. She is serious when working and generous with the other dogs of the ranch; a good pack member. With excellent maternal instincts, she was a nanny for Anya's second litter and continues to be trustworthy around our grandchildren and children of our friends and visitors.

  • Bred by Exhibitor Champion
  • 2 Best of Breed
  • 5 Best of Opposite Sex
  • 2 Best of Winners
  • 7 Winner's Bitch
  • 8 Reserve Winner's Bitch
  • 11 Class 1st Place
  • Tipi AKC Pedigree Tipi OFA Certification Tipi AKC Championship Certificate ASDCA BBE Champion Certificate