Litter 2009-1: GCH Gerlach Zorlu Veli X CH Carpe Diem's Champagne, DOM - Whelped 14JAN09

This was the first Zor X Anya litter. The whelp had 12 pups ... 8 bitches and 4 dogs. This litter produced the following AKC Champions:

  • CH RBR Bal Kiz - "Kizzy" (owned by RBR)
  • CH RBR Tipi - "Tipi"{ (owned by RBR)
  • BISS CH RBR Karabash Vasi - "Vasi" (Owned by Carol & Fernando White, White Star Anatolians)
  • CH RBR Yildiz - "Star" (Owned by Kerry & Bob Anderson, A Star Alpacas)
  • CH RBR Inci - "Inci" (Owned by Kim & Nick Cavanaugh)